A mom, a dad, and two nutty kids.

The hair-raising adventures continue

on September 6, 2012

The other day Ian and I had a conversation that went like this:

“So what colour should I dye my hair next?”

*grinning* “How about jet black?”

“Really? Goth black?”

“Sure. I haven’t seen that yet.”

“You know I’ll do it.”

“Well, do it, then.”

“I will.”

“Go ahead.”

So allow me to present this flashback to 17 year-old Goth me:

Now I just have to figure out if they make PVC corsets in size “Why yes I have had 2 children.”

~ karyn


2 responses to “The hair-raising adventures continue

  1. David O'Garr says:

    Don’t worry, they do make them in that size. I could give you a few stores to check out. 😉

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